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Get Paid to Reduce Your Technology Carbon Footprint

Circularity & Scope 3 Environmental Data

+ Social Impact + ESG Communications

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80% of
goes straight to landfill

be part of the solution
...not the problem

Watch the 2-Minute Video

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a smart

business and



Drive ongoing revenue and reduce technology-related carbon emissions using circular economy best practices


EARN 6 to 8-figure revenue per IT asset disposition (ITAD) project


ACHIEVE 94% carbon emission reduction

RECEIVE quality ESG data (quantified using the ISO:14064 standard) + impact communications for ESG easy reporting

CarbonChamp solves multiple business and sustainability challenges

  • Revenue: Turnkey sustainability program that generates six to eight-figure revenue for you while embodying circular economy best practices

  • Environmental Impact: 94% carbon emission reduction (compared to landfill) AND a documented shift from the linear “take-make-waste” approach to Circular Economy best practices (keeping products in use at highest value for as long as possible -prioritizing reuse and refurbishment prior to proper recycling)

  • Social Impact: Choose a cause to receive a financial donation from CarbonChamp


  • Communications: Impact Communications Toolkit makes it easy for you to share a compelling story of tangible sustainability impact with multiple stakeholders


  • Supply Chain: We are a vendor that has set Science Based Targets and we help you roll out CarbonChamp other supply chain partners, capturing their ESG data


CarbonChamp embodies industry best practices & standards

SBTI-Scope 3.png
Science Based Targets - Scope 3
Add a value chain vendor with validated Science Based Targets
EMF-Circular Economy.png
Circular Economy
CDP-Supply Chain Transparency.png
Supply Chain Transparency
ICA badges - white.png
CarbonChamp has joined the historic iMasons Climate Accord
CarbonChamp has signed the Impact Relations Pledge

Environmental & Social Impact

Environmental Impact





Industry Innovation & Infrastructure

Responsible Consumption & Production

Climate Change

Choose Your

Social Impact


Choose causes aligned to your ESG goals to receive CarbonChamp donations

Social impact metrics and storytelling assets are captured for you

Your custom CarbonChamp Communications Toolkit makes it easy to share compelling stories of tangible environmental AND social impact

Scope 3

“Setting targets to reduce emissions throughout the value chain (Scope 3) is becoming a new business norm"


Are you tracking CIRCULARITY metrics yet? You should be.

Reuse now is like the new metric - X percent of my assets went back into the circular economy – customers want to know that.”

Jim O'Grady
VP, Global Asset Management HPE
in Data Center Dynamics
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CarbonChamp provides environmental, social and circularity metrics


CarbonChamp is a sustainability services firm that provides innovative ESG solutions

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